COVID-19 Updates

About Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Woodlands Specialty Hospital will be working closely with the  Houston and Montgomery County Services Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to respond to any potential coronavirus cases in our area. Our community is supported by a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, infection prevention experts and clinicians. Our team prepares and trains for these types of situations throughout the year and is ready to respond as this situation unfolds. Our team is supported by strong infection control policies, procedures, and has systems in place to screen and treat patients. We are committed to keeping our patients, our staff, and our community safe. For more information about the coronavirus, go to the CDC website.

Can I get tested for Coronavirus at The Woodlands Specialty Hospital ?

If a patient presents at our hospital and meets Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria, we work with our local health department and if appropriate, gather a sample for testing and provide it to an appropriate laboratory. We follow CDC guidelines for identification and treatment of patients with suspected or confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

What do I do if I feel sick?

If you begin to feel ill or are experiencing mild symptoms, we encourage you to stay home from work or school and take additional efforts to prevent contact with others. Please contact your doctor or our local health department for advice. Only patients experiencing severe symptoms should contact 911 or be driven to the closest Emergency Department. If you are experiencing fever, cough, sore throat, aches, or shortness of breath please notify our Emergency Department prior to your arrival at 281-602-8160 ext. 1118 prior to your arrival so that we can prepare to evaluate and treat you in a more efficient manner.

 My loved one is at the hospital. Can I still visit?

Yes. In order to minimize risk to our patient we do have restricted visitation measures in place at this time. A 100% screening protocol has been put in place for all individuals entering our facility including employees for your added safety.
When you present to the hospital:

  • You will be asked if you have experienced any fever, cough, sore throat, aches, or shortness of breath. If present, you will be asked to put on a mask. You will be asked if you have traveled internationally within the last 14 days. Additional information collected will include your age and any chronic medical conditions that you may have. The information we collect is aligned with our current CDC Guidelines
  • Visitors will not be allowed for patients that have tested positive with the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • During this time we are enforcing social distancing throughout our facility. Please be sure to bring a charged cell phone with you to assist us with remote communication measures if needed.

Thank you for taking the time to review this message so that we can continue to do our best to keep all members of our community safe during this difficult time.